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Sleep-Knit Non-Iron Bed Linen


An innovation in textile design and processing that is revolutionising healthcare bedding. Sleep-Knit is a knitted-fitted
bedding system that uses a specially constructed four way stretch fabric, combined with a patented bottom sheet design, to
produce great results for residents, staff and the laundry.
Sleep-Knit only requires one person to make the bed and never requires ironing, thus saving time and money.
Sleep-Knit remains crease free and helps to reduce shear and friction, thus improving resident comfort.
Sleep-Knit is latex free and contains no elastic.
Sleep-Knit polyester bedding is flame retardant to European Standard EN ISO 12952.


Smart Sheet

Using a patented under-wrap design Smart Sheets fit the vast majority of healthcare mattresses, even when beds are
profiled. Smart Sheets can also be used on dynamic mattress systems.

Product Code                       Description                                 Size
SK7000/FR             Smart Sheet FR Polyester                      Single bed
SK7000D/FR          Smart Sheet FR Polyester                     Double bed
SK7000                  Smart Sheet Polyester/Cotton▲             Single bed
SK7000D                Smart Sheet Polyester/Cotton▲             Double bed
▲ Polyester/Cotton Smart Sheets are available in cream and white only





 Top Sheet


Sleep-Knit top sheets have two fitted corners at the base with extra fabric on the width to create a unique toe pleat giving
added space for feet plus excellent comfort and warmth.

Product Code                          Description                                   Size

SK3400T/FR                Top Sheet FR Polyester                       Single bed
SK7000T/FR                Top Sheet FR Polyester                       Double bed
SK3400T                     Top Sheet Polyester/Cotton ▲              Single bed
  SK7000T                     Top Sheet Polyester/Cotton ▲              Double bed
                 ▲ Polyester/Cotton Top Sheets are available in cream and white only.







Sleep-Knit pillowcases offer comfort and performance with an envelope style closure.



Product Code                   Description                                 Size
SK3400PE/FR                 Pillowcase FR Polyester          50 x 75cm
SK3400PE                     Pillowcase Polyester/Cotton ▲  50 x 75cm
SK3400VP/FR                V-Shaped FR Pillowcase ▲      72 x 31 x 37cm
 ▲ Polyester/Cotton Pillowcases and V-Shaped FR Pillowcases are availablcream   and white only




 Duvet Cover  



      Sleep-Knit duvet covers are soft and comfortable and finished with an envelope style closure.



Product Code                        Description                                         Size
SK3400DC/FR                Duvet Cover FR Polyester                   Single bed
SK3400DD/FR               Duvet Cover FR Polyester                    Double bed





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